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Journal W/ Me - 15 Days of Forgiveness
  • Journal W/ Me - 15 Days of Forgiveness

    The purpose of the Journal W/ Me brand is to provide teen girls and women printable journal templates that have daily journal prompts surrounding a general focus to help foster introspection.
    • Why Journal W/ Me?

      We live in a world that teaches us to look outside ourselves to discover who we are instead of within. Journaling helps with self-discovery and can assist with processing thoughts, feelings and fears.

    • 15 Days of Forgiveness

      Offering forgiveness to others is one of the most difficult and important aspects of living a life of peace, joy and transformation. We should strive to live a life of continual forgiveness. Not only should we practice forgiving others but also ourselves. God longs to shape us into his likeness that we might model the love we’ve been shown to a world with no concept of mercy. He longs for us to offer grace and forgiveness to the undeserving as we have been offered grace and forgiveness when we were undeserving.

      This 15 days of journaling will address 4 areas that we should reflect on in regards to forgiveness. Daily scriptures are included. May you be filled with courage and boldness to offer forgiveness and may God’s love shine through you!

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