Journal W/ Me - 5 Days Towards Renewing your Mind
  • Journal W/ Me - 5 Days Towards Renewing your Mind

    The purpose of the Journal W/ Me brand is to provide teen girls and women printable journal templates that have daily journal prompts surrounding a general focus to help foster introspection.
    • Why Journal W/ Me?

      We live in a world that teaches us to look outside ourselves to discover who we are instead of within. Journaling helps with self-discovery and can assist with processing thoughts, feelings and fears.

    • 5 Days Towards Renewing your Mind

      Meditate on the power of renewing your mind. It's important for us to take an inventory of our mind, our thoughts. We need to Renew our Minds to God's truth in every area of our lives. 

      5 Days of Renewing the Mind takes you on a daily introspection as you saturate your mind with God's Word. ( Includes Daily Scriptures) 


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    “ On a scale of 1- 10 , 10 being the greatest, I give the workshop a 10 because I felt like I could be honest and I was comfortable . It felt like therapy. My favorite part of the workshop was when we looked in the mirror. I think it made me accept myself more.

                                                                                                    ~Cydney, 16 yrs old

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