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The Life of a Butterfly Book + Activity Book

The Life of a Butterfly Book + Activity Book


Book Description: As a girl grows into a woman, her upbringing, relationships and various good or bad experiences definitely stimulate changes in her mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Life of a Butterfly is a motivational, interactive self-help book for teenage girls and women that provides a space for self reflection, healing, tools and tips that will equip you in this journey of life.


Educational Areas of Focus:  self-love, self-awareness, coping skills and  healing techniques , self-confidence, exploring goals and dreams


Great resource for: social workers, therapist, girls/women groups, counseling groups, youth/women ministry and personal use


Workbook Description: This activity workbook is an addition to the proclaimed self-help book, “The Life of a Butterfly.” The Life of a Butterfly -Mastery of Self-Perception interactive activity workbook focuses on girls ages 13 through young adults. This activity workbook promotes a positive perception of self and will help to develop a better self-perception of self as well as help develop a positive and healthier outlook on personality differences and the way one interacts with other unique individuals.


Educational Areas of Focus: self-perception, self-discovery, healing techniques, self-love, emotional intelligence skills, self-awareness, explore goals and dreams and student self-expression.


Great resource and curriculum for: schools, nonprofits, social workers, female groups, educators, therapist, counseling groups, church youth group and personal use.

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