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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Teen Life Coach?
    A Teen Life Coach empowers youth by facilitating self- directed learning, personal growth and improved performance.


  2. What does a Teen Life Coach Focus on?
    Our coaching focuses on the process of helping your teenager identify any self-sabotaging behaviors or negative thinking, build confidence and goal setting by supporting them along the journey of reaching their personal goals.


  3. What are the benefits of having a Teen Life Coach?
    Through evidence based research, a Teen Life Coach has shown to improve confidence, academics, self- awareness and overall well being in teens.


  4. Do you take insurance?
    Unfortunately coaching is not covered by insurance. Coaching undoubtedly is a financial investment.


  5. How are sessions held?
    Session can be over phone, Skype or office location.


  6. Is a Life Coach and Therapist similar?
    There are some similarities. Both are there to support the coachee, However a Therapist gives advice, can prescribe medication and tends to focus on addressing issues from the past. A Life Coach does not give advice but holds space by listening and powerful questioning that supports the coachee with self-exploration. A Life Coach focus on the present and future.


  7. What are your workshop topics?
    *Self Love- Accepting all of You – *Self Discovery - Purpose, Passion And Talents! * Self-Perception - Transforming Stinking Thinking


  8. What are some common coaching topics?
    Conflict Resolution, College Readiness, Self-Esteem/Confidence, Future Direction & Goal Setting, Leadership, Stress Management, Body Image, Communication Skills, Building Awareness, Discovering Talents, Developing Skills, Relationships and Decision Making.


  9. What is your coaching process?
    Our coaching process is a 3 fold process. First, deepen self-awareness, Second, provide necessary tools for setting goals, Third, accountability. Your teen is held accountable for the goals they set to meet.


  10. What is your coaching approach?
    Both Holistic (integrates mind, body, heart, and spirit ) and Evidence Based approach (includes empirical data and professional experience as part of the delivery model). My coaching approach is always tailored to each individual client.


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