B.E-Transformation provides opportunities for individuals, schools and organizations to partner. Together we can lead our youth to greater places while earning money.


B.E-Transformation Fundraiser Opportunity is for businesses and non-profits providing human services such as mental health, education, personal development and youth programs.

We provide a profitable return on the sells of our books . 


Want to make some extra money while making a difference in our youth? Become apart of B.E.- Transformation’s mission. Our goal is to connect with schools and organizations worldwide to provide them with personal development resources/tools and  a curriculum through our personal development book collection. 


Earn a profitable percentage through your connections. 

Looking for fun, new ways to engage in your child's self-development?

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“ On a scale of 1- 10 , 10 being the greatest, I give the workshop a 10 because I felt like I could be honest and I was comfortable . It felt like therapy. My favorite part of the workshop was when we looked in the mirror. I think it made me accept myself more.

                                                                                                ~Cydney, 16 yrs old

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